Truly Twisted Hair Styler
Truly Twisted Hair Styler

Truly Twisted Hair Styler

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Finally a quick & effortless way to make your hair straight, wavy, or curly with just one tool!

80% of all women have admitted that their hair affects how pretty & confident they feel. Neglecting hair care can lead to unattractiveness in public, reduced self-esteem and can even make a bad first impression! So whether that’s for a party, date, work or any other occasion - our Truly Twisted Hair Styler will allow you to easily get those beachy waves, or make that hair silky straight just by using 1 tool!

There’s a reason why women all around the world LOVE our Truly Twisted Hair Styler. Not only it is capable of making that hair straight, curly or wavy, but compared to other hair irons - this one allows you to select a preferred temperature. So if that hair is weak & fragile - you don’t need to worry about overheating or damaging it!

On top of that, the design of the Truly Twisted Hair Styler lets you make those curls easier without twisting the hand as well as little teeth at the edges will always hold that hair in place & will allow you to not section it into smaller parts!

Other Key Benefits:

  • Save extra time whenever you’re styling that hair as the TrulyTwisted Hair Styler takes just 30 seconds to heat up!
  • You won’t be able to borrow this amazing device from your lady friend - as they are very unique & not available at any other beauty store.
  • Stop wasting hundreds on other expensive hair irons that are overpriced and just don’t work well.

How To Use (3 Easy Steps):

    • Plug in the Truly Twisted Hair Styler to the power cord and turn it on. 3cm/1in plate is suitable even for styling short hair!
    • Set the desired temperature. You can choose any temperature between 150 and 230�C.
    • Wait for 30 seconds & begin styling that hair! #1 Rated Twisted Hair Styler comes with a heat resistant glove & a travel bag.